Control stuff with M4L – update [26-05-2015]

I have made some stuff in MaxForLive to integrate SuperCollider and the Roland JP8000 synthesizer more into my workflow in Ableton Live.

– SuperCollider SynthDef control: Send values from Ableton Live to a SynthDef in SuperCollider. Map MaxForLive device dials to SynthDef arguments using the openObject Quark. M4L dials can be automated in Live, so you can automate your SynthDef parameters in your composition.


The SuperCollider_SynthDefCtrl M4L device has at its top left corner a text field where the  publish name of the SynthDef should be entered. To map a dial to a SynthDef argument simply change param_name into the SynthDef’s arg name. Each dial has its own lower and upper boundaries (default set to 0. to 1.0) and a lag value.

// to install OpenObject Quark:
// Find and check the OpenObject Quark and hit Apply

// to start OpenObject Quark in SuperCollider:

// I always use a gate arg, it's not mandatory though.
// You can change the gate argument in the M4L device
// to something else.

SynthDef(\synthie, {| gate=0, arg1, arg2, arg3... |

// some awesome SynthDef code


a = Synth(\synthie); // create a synth
a.publish(\synthie_or_something_else); // publish name


– Automate Roland JP8000 synth parameters in Ableton Live (not updated – 10-2014): Download