Twitter Morse Stapler

Tired of using a lot of different buttons to type messages? Your boss hates it when you send a tweet at work? Then here is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

The Twitter Morse Stapler

Most functionality under just 1 button! Disguised as a typical office supply. Your boss will think you’ve had too much caffeine, or are heading towards a nervous breakdown.

So no more comments about slacking on the job.

For this assignment i’ve merged a really old and a relatively new way of communication with each other. A sort of literal translation of Old New Media.

The device uses an Arduino + software to translate morse code into text. Max/MSP reads these message from the serial port and uploads these, with a push of a button, to your Twitter feed.

Typing is Sooo 1868! Go morse instead! Dit Dit Dah Dit’s!

This device was made for a school project as tribute to Old New Media